Our Facilities

Description of the Village The village will be sufficient and self-contained. It has vegetables and fruit farm, animal and fowl farming (with proposed Tilapia fish pond). There is also pre-school, grade school and soon providing a tech-voc high school facilities as the children grow. Education is the major factor in the long-term development of the children to ensure that we maximize their potentials and that we all learn from pleasures of Allah (GOD). Moreover food is provided and temporary shelter. We expect to help them sustain their souls and strengthen their being a Moslem and provide future chances on independent living, just as we could for our own children. DAC Home (Dormitories) All orphans will be provided with three (3) square meals a day with snacks, clothing, toiletries, individual beddings and cabinets, and vitamins. read more DACVF School The school provides Pre-school, Elementary using revised Madrasah DepED curriculum for residents and also accepts deserving children from the community. Pre-School – 4 years Primary – 6 years Curricular Program includes: English, Mathematics, Science, Sibika, Islamic Studies and Arabic Language and Technology and livelihood programs. Started to offer tech-vocational High School and incorporated agriculture (vegetable farming) as first course for the high school students. read more Dar Amanah Mosque (Religious Facility) Venue for children and Moslem staff to pray five (5) times salah in congregation. Other Islamic teachings are also done inside the Mosque. Medical Clinic Medical treatment to be offered to any orphan and school children and staff who fall sick in the Infirmary room. Dental Check up and treatment shall be coordinated with the PNPA dentist. For further treatment and management, children shall be referred to hospitals. Islamic Room Venue for children and adults to learn Islamic teachings sucjh as recitation of the Quran and memorization, Figh, Hadith, 5 Pilars of Islam, Islamic manners, Values and Beliefs, Islamic poems and verses among others. Library Offers various array of books for Pre-Schoolers, Elementary, High School and College. Also has books for practical living, Islamic education, dictionaries, magazines and newspapers for daily reading. Computer RoomHas 10 functional computers with Internet connection and printer. It has one copier machine for school usage. Audio-Visual RoomVenue for educational television-video viewing and speech therapy/play training for children. Indoor Play roomA venue for children enhance camaraderie/teamwork and further develop their hidden potentials and hone their skills on problem solving, decision making, focusing to name a few through indoor games such as table tennis, chess, scrabble, , dominos, etc. Store roomThis is where all dry goods/children's and office supplies are being stick for proper recording, utilization and releases. Water FacilityThe village has its own source of potable water through water pump with two huge stainless tank that could sufficiently supply water needs in the village. Water is also made available to local residents. Playground / Stage Safe and protected outdoor playing area with installed child friendly rainbow multi-playhouse (7 in 1), and area for basketball court and valley ball for residents and school/community children. It is also a place for other recreational activities cum picnic. Guest House A native house made up of nipa leaves with four bedrooms – usually a place to entertain visitors and can take their overnight stay when needed. Farm (Mini-forest and Herbal Medicines garden) A abundant variety of bearing and non-bearing fruit trees which serves as venue for various lessons on waste segregation, composting, and other environment related lectures. It's herbal medicine garden is a great source for immediate & alternative medicine to cure common ailments. Livestock Farm Various animals and fowls are being taken cared for the sustainability of the orphanage at the same time a venue and opportunity for the children to experience practical ways of taking care of animals.