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Dar Amanah Children's Village Foundation

Community Outreach Program

DACVFI provides medical and dental service, health care advocacies and lectures, circumcission, milk feeding within and outside the orphanage. This efforts is in partnership with Philippine National Police Academy, RHU and the Provincial Health Office. The Orphanage primary health care clinic is open to residents of the nearby communities. Other services includes: medical check-up, provision opf free medicines, etc.

Designed to establish good rapport and harmonious relationship with the community by helping in their needs which includes:

  • Medical and Dental Mission - With network with other GO and NGO, DACVFI aims to reach out to the community by providing a healthy environment through this mission.
  • Childrens Day - a way processing social development of the children from the resident and the community.
  • Islamic Awareness Campaign - Invited Moslem leaders provide lecture forums about Islam to community
  • Emergency Aid — A relief mission is part of the program. They have helped victims of armed conflict in Pikit Maguindanao and Muslim families affected during Typhoon Ondoy.



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