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Dar Amanah Children's Village Foundation

Orphan and Children Care

A Muslim family-like and safe environment for orphaned children where they are nurtured with unconditional love by surrogate mothers and all other care givers. Apart from providing their basic needs, living conditions stimulates loving and caring each other as real siblings, develop familiar bonds and values through a variety of shared activities.

Here the children are provided with three square meals a day, toiletries, clothing, vitamins and the like. Bathing and exercise are just few of the daily routine on maintaining personal hygiene.

The children were so delighted after their single beds replaced with a more comfortable and safe double deck with mattresses. Children's own storage areas are personalized and labeled with their name to enhance the sense of individuality and among the orphans as well as building their organizing skills.

They are always encouraged to participate in decision making in all aspects of their day to day lives such as household chores, meetings/projects, weekly menus preparation and even in marketing of their needs.

Most often older children acts as role models to younger siblings; assisting the younger ones in their assignment, volunteering for house hold chores other than their assigned tasks, this somehow relieved the House Parents for a day or two. Moreover, they also lead during sallah time in the absence of their Ustadz/ Imams.



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